What PIN Capital Clients each have in common:

Each individual client of PIN Capital is a person who possesses the following:

  • Specialist professional expertise  – in a qualified, technical or functional position which includes:
    • Targeted personal accountability – for revenue generation or budget management and allocation.
    • Management responsibility for direct or shared team reports.
  • Self awareness – can confidently articulate personal ethics, values and ambitions.
  • The dawned realisation that either:
    • their career has slipped off track
    • they have not prepared a CV for many years
    • they do not possess the new skills (Internet / Social Media) to more effectively advance their interests
    • they cannot identify, qualify or quantify the people who they know can and will help them progress their career.
 PIN Capital Clients approach us for assistance in the following situations:
  • Career drift – to misquote John Lennon; for many people, their career is what happens whilst they are doing other things. As the years tick along career objectives can often become clouded or shelved due to the immediate pressures or work and family life. We help people who still know where they want to be, who still want it, but who recognise that they have generally slipped off track.
  • Threat of redundancy – corporate and public sector culls are reliably indiscriminate of seniority, length of service or historical contribution to the employer’s success. Like the Boy Scouts, its better to be prepared. For our most prescient clients, we have their CV, social media machine and professional networks up and running long before the axe falls. And, yes: some have taken voluntary redundancy – already with a new job lined up.
  • Desire to move to a new country – Qualified professional expertise is globally transferable, but how do you even begin to chart the possibilities of different territories? What are the best channels, networks, recruiters and what are the cultural considerations? We have helped and advised British executives who, from a standing start, have successfully networked out of the UK and into new jobs in Hong Kong, Australia, South East Asia, South America and the USA. And we have helped inbound expats get to grips with the UK.
  • Career roadblocks – Our clients do not necessarily need or want to change employers. In any case, we always recommend that they explore all internal options before looking outside. If your ideal career step is within your current organisation, then we help assess the likelihood of your success and identify what you need to do to raise your profile into contention. And if the route is still blocked, then you are already well prepared to look elsewhere.
  •  Job Seeking – the essence of our Client situation is that they are seeking a new position. We help them to prepare one or more CVs and to build and engage their professional networks; we advise on application and recruiter management,  provide tailored intelligence documents for each interview, assist with business case preparation and advise on offer management and resignation tactics.

Career transition can be a lonely experience. PIN Capital can help.


To arrange a free and confidential telephone consultation please email enquiries@pin-capital.com

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