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Your personal and professional network enables you to find opportunities, and enables opportunities to find you. Through your dialogue with your contacts, your network facilitates the outbound promotion of your brand/reputation and  the inbound receipt of professional intelligence concerning firms, competitors, opportunities and other developments.

Your network broadly consists of everybody with whom you have recently exchanged communication or mutually known for a long time.  A network’s intrinsic value lies not just in its quantity of contacts, but in the quality of the relationships. The Internet has enabled rapid growth in a network’s quantity of contacts but for the purposes of this section it is important to revert to the essence of personal, one-to-one relationship building: regular structured contact, with purpose and reciprocated interest.

Here is a simplistic view of how you can start to assess, build, organise and improve your personal and professional networks.

PIN Capital can help:

  • Starting from those closest to you, create lists of the people you know, their professions and employers.
  • Categorise your lists: Current Colleagues, Previous Colleagues, Current Clients, Previous Clients, Family, College & University Alumni, your kids’ classmates parents, friends from the sports club etc.
  • Rank each list in 2 ways: 1) how much you trust the people on them and 2) in order of who works in the companies, locations or sectors that are of most interest to you.
  • Plan a more structured series of contact with the people on your list, in line with their ranking – particularly contacts with whom you now realise you have not been sufficiently in touch.
  • Roll out your own personal touchpoint planning: a means of diarising and sticking to structured contact with people in your network in such a way as to carefully build stronger relationships with them.
  • It is valuable to be seen as being a helpful, approachable and supportive networker who “pays it forwards” – doing good deeds and providing assistance without expectation of immediate recompense. Karma will ensure the  quid pro quo, but it requires self confidence and belief in the strength of your network – not easy when commercial prerogative and work pressures are front and centre of your thoughts.

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