CVs should be  Accurate | Compelling | Searchable

Have a look at your CV. Is it factually accurate? Are the employment dates correct, with any gaps honestly explained? Do you possess the certificates for your stated qualifications? Are your professional memberships live and current? Could your stated achievements be corroborated via background checks? Does it comprehensively cover the skills and attributes you profess to possess? Does it include case studies demonstrating the size and scope of your technical expertise, your budget, your management responsibility and personal accountability? Does it express your features as benefits for a potential employer? Is it a sales pitch or a historical record? If it is a sales pitch, is it relevantly targeting a specific position?

PIN Capital can help:

  • Review your existing CV.
  • Check you possess up to date qualifications & professional membership documentation.
  • Coordinate and collate required documentation.
  • Create your Master CV Document.
  • Create your mini-CV Pitch Document.
  • Create 2 or 3 targeted, role-specific CVs.
  • Ensure your CV is Search Optimised
  • Ensure that the information on your CV agrees with, and is supported by, publicly accessible data via web-searches and social media.

Pin-Capital can do all of this for you. To find out more please email to arrange a free, confidential telephone consultation.

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