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Your professional brand is specific to your sphere of influence and expertise. It is the sum perception of colleagues and clients who currently, and regularly, interact with you; in person, online, on the phone. It is a mixture of feelings and thoughts derived from their perception of: your visual appearance, personality, character, professional aptitude, technical acuity and communication style.

In comparison, your professional reputation precedes you and your brand. It is, more broadly, the sum of all of these individual perceptions, called up over time, appended by recollections of your historical successes, failures, plus anecdotes and grapevine rumours that are known or perceived to have involved you. Over 12 months, consistent behaviour can build a personal brand. Over years, consistent branding will build a reputation. Lapsed branding is recoverable. Lapsed reputations, less so. Before approaching a career transition, it might be useful to consider yourself in these terms. It requires self-honesty. Here is how to get some perspective.

PIN Capital can help with:

  • Personal Brand Assessment and Alignment- Aligning your professional goals with your brand: is it getting you to where you want to be?
  • New-Brand Setting – Are the requisite changes desirable, realistic and practicable?
  • Assessing Brand amplification and coverage – Are your strengths known far and wide, or just in your office?
  • Personal Brand Promotion via networks and networking
  • Internet tools and Social Media strategies for Brand setting, promotion and management
  • Personal Brand and Reputation Crisis Management
  • Detailed Report of your Personal Branding and Reputation and Agreed Steps to improve / change it.

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