PIN Capital provides the following Professional Intelligence, Networks and Career Consulting services to Business Owners, Partners and Executives: 
  • Career Change & Planning Consulting
  • Career Strategy Building & Pivot Recognition
  • CV Preparation & Optimization
  • Personal & Professional (Re)branding
  • Re-organisation of Professional Networks
  • Network Approaches & Touch-point Planning
  • Market and Organisational Knowledge Leverage
  • Interview & Assessment Preparation
  • Opportunity/Organisation Due Diligence
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Offer Negotiation Tactics
  • Exit & Transition Strategies
  • Social Media & Search-Engine Audit
  • LinkedIn personal page – set up, copy and optimization
  • Blog Site Set up, Design & Training
  • Website / Microsite Set-Up, Design and Management
  • Social Media Accounts Set Up, Design, Linking and Maintenance
  • Bespoke newsfeeds & market monitoring
  • Identification of Client Market, Network Tiering & Targeting

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